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How SEO can make you money

SEO is a simple and quick way to improve your business’ Google ranking. In the Internet Age, being easily found on Google is the difference between increasing revenue and disappearing. 

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on SEO agencies, Popularise gives you all the tools you need to improve your Google rankings and grow your business. 

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Why you’ll fall in love with SEO with the Popularise App

The Popularise platform gets you started immediately with initial SEO tasks to optimize your website in just a few hours.

  • Create your Popularise account and complete your first SEO tasks to start improving your website’s Google ranking. This includes actionable on-site and system changes, as well as assistance with keywords, backlinks, local SEO and content.
  • Your state-of-the-art SEO AI assistant will now completely audit your website with easy-to-understand instructions on the best SEO for your personal business goals. Popularise will identify the SEO gaps in your website and the best opportunities for client and revenue growth. All you need to do is set up your SEO plan and follow the steps.
  • Get personalised, one-on-one assistance with specific SEO tasks whenever you need. Popularise’s on-call SEO experts can help you finish any of those trickier SEO tasks with high-level industry knowledge and years of SEO experience. 
  • Track your website’s growth. Popularise offers in-depth reporting on your SEO performance, including keyword tracking, website traffic and backlink analysis. You’ll be able to see what’s working best for your website and can even contact our SEO experts for help. You’ll be able to track everything, giving you the complete picture in easy-to-follow data.

Discover the full money-making potential of SEO

With an easy-to-use dashboard, in-depth analytics, learning tools and progress tracking, Popularise makes it even easier to see the benefits of SEO and access your business’ full potential.

Progress Tracking

With Popularise, you can track your website’s SEO. We’ll clearly show how every action you take affects your website’s online performance, including daily, monthly and yearly breakdowns of traffic and revenue. Most importantly, we’ll show you which pages are ranking the highest and tell you why.

Learning Tools

Become your own SEO wiz with our extensive library of SEO tips, tools and tutorials from the industry’s leading experts. From videos to articles and eBooks, our library gives you access to 1000s of resources that can help build your SEO expertise.

In-Depth Analytics

Monitor your KPIs and website’s overall performance with our in-depth analytics. Through detailed reporting, you can address your website’s strengths and weaknesses, building a better all-round platform for your business. We’ll break it all down in simple, easy-to-understand graphics and reports, giving you a greater scope of how to rank higher, increase traffic and earn more revenue.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Our dashboard has been designed to take the stress and confusion out of SEO. Everything you need to outperform your competition is made available through easy-to-navigate menus, a dedicated help centre, state-of-the-art AI and simplified reporting.

Popularise App works with all websites, including…

The SEO expert for everyone

Popularise is used by local businesses, bloggers, corporate websites and e-commerce stores. The platform works across all websites, including Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly and Magento.

Why people love using Popularise

This works. I’m now experiencing the busiest and most profitable months in my 40 years of business. - Kim Green, Owner, BCJ Plastics

Become an SEO pro and start seeing the benefits today

Choose the right plan for your website and start ranking above your competitors. Believe us, they’ve already started doing it to you. 

Not sure if Popularise is right for you? Create an account and get started with our easy-to-follow SEO steps. Unlike Pinocchio, there are no strings attached with Popularise.

FAQs about SEO

Why is SEO important for small businesses?

 SEO is the easiest and most affordable way for small businesses to engage customers and clients with fast, useful and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines. Websites with a high ranking in Google help build brand awareness, because future customers are more likely to trust those businesses. As of January 2020, almost 4.54 billion people actively used the internet, making it the greatest source of customers and revenue available to companies. 

How does SEO increase website traffic?

SEO increases website traffic by increasing its ranking on search engines through long-tail and location-based keywords, long and informative content with internal links, and effective backlinking through guest blogging and outreach programs.

How fast can SEO increase website traffic?

SEO increases website traffic at varying speeds depending on the market space and website itself. The usual increase is between five and 10 percent every month after about three months of SEO. SEO is a long-term approach to increasing website traffic compared to PPC methods, but the reward is consistent, convertible traffic for years to come.

How does SEO increase sales?

SEO increases sales by attracting more traffic to your website, improving brand awareness and giving you more opportunities to convert leads into conversions. However, this is only possible with the right, cost-effective SEO strategy for your business. An effective SEO strategy typically involves extensive keyword research to attract the right clientele, effective on-site marketing to convert leads into sales, expert backlinking and the continuous building of engaging content, including blogs, video, infographics and how-to guides. 

Why are backlinks so important?

 Backlinks are important for SEO because many search engines rank websites with good-quality backlinks higher. Some search engines, such as Google, consider websites with a good number of backlinks more relevant to that particular search query. However, backlinking should not be a numbers game. Quality backlinks should be formed naturally through building relationships with other websites and earning links and referrals by creating high-quality content. Do not flood your website with irrelevant backlinks.

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